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We have stuck to only this word and realized to make suitable products in accordance with our customers' demand.

As we are a manufacturer of Land Surveying & Laser Instrument, we manage from planning, developing, producing, commercializing, sales to after-sales service totally.

 New Products updates


July 2014, Side Projection Full Line Laser "CAL-44HP" was released to.

July 2014, Detector Sliding Scale bar "SIB240" was released to.

July 2013, Marking Laser "ML-X2" was released to.


February 2013, Non-Prism Total Station "TSS-200 Series" was released to.

March 2013, Automatic Guidance Line Laser "AGL41" was released to.


December 2012, Digital Level "DL164V" was released to.


July 2012, 360°Horiozontal Line Laser "OLH-4L" was released to.

July 2012, Rotary Laser Level with slope setting function "SLH-600" was released to.

August 2012, Simple Machine Control "HS-240C" was released to.


July 2012, Machine Control System "HS-360" was released to.


December 2011, SD card Type Industrial endoscope "SDI-Series" was released to.

December 2011, Digital Walking Measure "DWS-Series" was released to.

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STS Rod Level "RS-40B"
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Detector Sliding Scale bar "SIB240"
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Marking Laser "ML Series"
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Non-Prism Total Station "TSS-200 Series"
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Automatic Navigation Line Laser "AGL41"
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Machine Control System "HS-360"
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MicroSD card Type Industrial Endoscop "SDI-Series"

Digital Walking Measure "DWS-Series"

It is 5 times more visible than red laser! Vertical and Horizon Rotating Green Laser Level. Variety of features. "GSL-VH10"

Easy walking distance to measure. Various civil engineering and construction estimates, a measure digital waterproof walking and sports such as the insurance investigation. "DWM-190P"

Having high brightness laser function. Waterproof and dustproof Line Laser "EXA Series"

Inspections and hard to reach place for observation of the eye. Waterproof and dustproof, With a color CMOS camera and 3.5-inch large LCD monitor with high brightness LED. Industrial Endoscope "IES Series"