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Checking Mirror

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Checking Mirror with Light TType, UType, VType

《Checking Mirror I type》
《Checking Mirror II type》
《Checking Mirror III type》

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Suitable for construction, checking and cleaning of Sewer, etc.

Standard accessories
  • Small LED light
  • Original nylon case
  • AAA dry cell battery x 3 pcs(for test)

■Sponge Grip
Adopted sponge grip mitigates fatigue of your hand and reduces slipping.
■With Small LED light
Using the reflection of small LED light against mirror, light up the object. (Detachable) It is necessary to check in dark environment. As the light is semi-waterproof so that it can be used in watery place.
●Power supply AAA size dry battery x 3 pcs.
●Continuous operating hours: About 18 hours(if alkaline battery)
●Size 82×27mm(Except for Grip)
●Weight 55g(Including battery)

■Checking Mirror I・U・V type with light
Model Checking Mirror I type Checking Mirror U type Checking Mirror V type
Maximum length 115cm 261cm 416cm
Minimum length 51cm 100cm 118cm
section 3 sections 3 sections 4 sections
Mirror size 87×135mm 152×190mm 152×190mm
Weight 490g 840g 980g