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Ultrasonic Distance Measure

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Ultrasonic Distance Measure with Laser Function ODM-160


Only pushing buttons, it can measure distance, volume and area easily.

Built-in automatic temperature compensation makes more precise measurement available.

■Available to measure momently only pushing buttons
■Consecutive measurement is available
Even moving the instrument, it can show the new distance at real time.
■Distance, Area, Volume and Environmental temperature measurement functions
■With LCD backlight function
■Easy to measure from about 50cm to 16m


Measurement range About 0.6〜 about 16m(Depends on the environment)
Accuracy ±0.5%+1digit( under the condition of static air)
Minimum reading 0.01m
Indication unit m
Indication Display LCD indication in 2 lines with backlight
Laser Red color semi-conductor laser 670~635nm
Under 1mW JIS Class 2
Power supply 9V Layered dry cell battery×1pc(With automatic power OFF function)
※Automatically power off after 30 seconds from the last operation
※Included battery is only for test operation.
Operational temperature range 0℃〜40℃
Temperature compensation ○ Automatic temperature compensating function
Measuring temperature range 0℃〜40℃
Additional function Area and volume measurement and adding functions to them respectively. Temperature measurement function and memory function.
Adding range Distance up to 9999.99m
Area up to 99999.9m2
Volume up to 999999m3まで
Size/Weight 142×70×40mm/110g