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Laser Distancemeter

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Laser Distancemeter BDM-60


Standard Accessory
  • AAA dry cell battery for test x 2 pcs.
  • Case
  • Strap

Construction planning, reforming and constructions for interior and electric facility. Suitable for land-and-buildings invesitigators, interior and exterior constructors

Distance measurement

Area measurement

Volume measurement

Pythagoras measurement (Between two points)

Pythagoras measurement (Between 3 points)

■Available to measure immediately with laser beam
Thanks to laser beam, easy to measure precisely even in the place where has furniture and construction material. In addition, it makes it possible to operate alone therefore it ends up cutting labor cost.
■Continuous operation is available
■Minimum and Maximum Measurement
■With functions of addition and subtraction
■Timer function
■With automatic memory function(20 memories)
■With display illumination
■With end-cap
Starting point of measurement can be changed either front side or back side.In addition, it is able to set starting point of measurement to the tip of the end-cap. It is very useful to measure from the corner and for window frame.

Measurement range 0.05〜60m(※1)
Measurement accuracy ±1.5mm(※2)
Minimum measurment unit 0.000m(1mm)
Light source 635nm
Output Under 1mW Class 2(JIS C6802:2005)
Diameter of laser dot(Distance) 6mm(10m)/30mm(40m)
Automatic power off(After the last operation) Laser:About 30 seconds, Instrument:About 180 seconds
Display illumination Ο
End-cap Ο
Function Continuous measurment
Minimum/Maximum Measurement
Addition / Subtraction
Area / Volume measurement
Pythagoras measurement(between two points)
Timer Function
Memorize measuring value 1 memory
Automatic memory of measuring value 20 memories
Battery life Maximum about 5,000 times
Power supply AAA alkaline dry cell battery x 2 pcs.
Temperature range Storage:-25℃~70℃ , Operation:0℃~50℃
Water and dustproof Equivalent to IP40
Size 118×55×30mm
Weight 157g(including battery)

(※1)Under suitable environment(with good reflective target, and indoor). It depends on target surface and brightness of using environment.

(※2)Under suitable environment. At over 10m or under bad environment(e.g. too strong direct sunshine, weak reflection of target, or too big temperature difference), it may deteriorate.