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Precision Wooden Tripod

STS Precision Wooden Tripod

《STS Precision Wooden Tripod 》

Suitable for precise measurement Made of the finest wood and with durable tip

Stable & faultless

JIS Standard products

■STS Precision Wooden Tripod
Products name PWT-58 PWT-35
Model No. 3-681 3-682
Tripod head Flat Flat
Core diameter 5/8 inch 35mm
Weight 6.4kg 6.4kg
Maximum length 1,750mm 1,750mm
Minimum length 1,090mm 1,090mm
Tripod outside diameter 156mm 156mm
Tripod inside diameter Φ55mm Φ55mm
STS Static Precision Wooden Tripod

《STS Static Precision Wooden Tripod》

Perfect for GPS survey which requires height.

Double rock system provides its stability while working at high place.

Products name PWT-58L
Model No. 3-683
Tripod head Flat
Core diameter 5/8 inch
Weight 7.9kg
Maximum length 2,065mm
Minimum length 1,280mm
Tripod head outside diameter 156mm
Tripod head inside diameter Φ55mm