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STS Alumi Staff

Greatly different in design, durability, accuracy and usefulness!

■Staff Button《TS-01(For TS-33,TS-53,TS-54 and TS-55 Common for all sections)》

■Front side has 5mm and 10mm graduations.
5mm/10mm graduation makes it possible to read clearly from a distance.

■1mm graduation(TS-33 backside)

■Backside has adverse graduation.
It makes it easy to see the value easily.(Only for TS-54 and TS-55)

■Rod graduations(10mm graduations) for construction photo.
TS-53(All sections), TS-54 and TS-55(Only for the first section)

■Guard with label.
And mounting a guard label the button part. Contamination, such as the guard dust, was allowed to up the durability. In addition, it is safe without fear across the finger.

■with nylon storage bag.
This helps you to carry it easily.

■STS Aluminum Staff
Products name TS-33 TS-55 TS-54 TS-53
Minimum length 1,155mm 1,220mm 1,440mm 1,835mm
Backside Graduation 1mm graduation Measurement graduation Measurement graduation Rod graduation
Weight 0.95kg 1.40kg 1.44kg 1.48kg