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Reflective Sheet Prism , Target

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Reflective Sheet Prism

Reflective Sheet“Hikaru-Kun”

Measuring range is from about 5m to 100m. *It depends on using model and environment.

2 types (Adhesive type / Magnet type) are available.

Magnet type can be used repeatedly to steel-made construction.

Adhesive type RF-53

Adhesive type RF-36

Magnet type MRF-53

Magnet type MRF-36

PDF Catalogue

Reflective Sheet“Hikaru-Kun”
Products name RF-53 RF-36 MRF-53 MRF-36
Specification 53×53mm
Adhesive type
Adhesive type
Magnet type
Magnet type
Q'ty/pack 16 sheets set
(1 sheet)
36 sheets set
(1 sheet)
5 sheets
(1 bag)
10 sheets
(1 bag)

Reflective Target

Reflective Target of 50mmΦ

Available to fix on Prism Pole or Pin Pole

《RFT-50》※Reflective Target only
《RFP-50》※with Pin Pole and Level

Products name RFT-50 RFP-50
Contents 50mmΦ 50mmΦ
With Precision Pin Pole PS-180 and Level CP-60

■Fixing Screw diameter:6mm

※Optional adaptor is neccessary to fix it on Prism Pole(5/8 inch screw)

《Adaptor MI-68》

Measuring and Monitoring Prism

Measuring and Monitoring Prism

《Measuring and Monitoring Prism》
■Automatic Measuring and Monitoring of Tunnel Deformation(in volume)
■Measuring of Tunnel Profile
■Measuring of Ground Movements in Ground Subsidence
■Automatic Measuring of Deformation of Rail Track
■Automatic Measuring of Deformation of Large-Sized Structures
■Measuring and Monitoring for Constructing Underground Cavity
■Automatic Monitoring of Deformation of Surface on the Dike
■Automatic Monitoring of Deformation of Slope and Bedrock

Measuring and Monitoring Prism
Products name AP-1.0 AP-1.5B PP-2.5Y PP-2.5O SP-50
Size 1 inch 1.5 inch 2.5 inch 2.5 inch 50mmφ
Case Aluminum Aluminum Plastic Plastic Aluminum frame