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STS Alumi Rod

Easy to carry due to light aluminum-made

The graduation of front side is in vertical, and back side is in horizon

Optional products
■Cross Jig for Rod《SN-K》

Products detail

■STS Aluminum Rod
Products name SN-30 SN-50 SN-70 SN-100 SN-110 SN-150 SN-200
Specification 30cm 50cm 70cm 100cm 110cm 150cm 200cm

Cross Rod


100cm×110cm Cross Type

Cross Jig for Rod SN-K

Products name SC−110
Specification 100×110cm Cross Jig

Aluminum Rod 5 pcs. set


A set of useful 4 types of Aluminum Rod and an Original Case with 2 Cross Jigs

Products name SN-5S
Specification 30cm×1, 50cm×1,
100cm×1, 110cm×1,
Cross Jig×2
and an Original Case