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Reflective Prism

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Prism Tripod


  • Maximum length・・・1,280mm
  • Minimum length・・・800mm
  • Weight・・・1.2kg


Movable clip fixes Pole, etc. firmely.

Light and strong Prism Tripod


  • Maximum length・・・1,250mm
  • Minimum length・・・800mm
  • Weight・・・1.5kg


Tripod for easy to handle and epockmaking idea.

  • With clip for Pin Pole(Φ8〜10)and Prism Pole(Φ28〜30)
  • Arm part moves up and down, rotates 360 °and is flexible from back and forth.
  • Clip part rotates up and down and 360°.
  • After the bubble on Pole comes to the center, available to rotate the Pole 360°. Then Prism can face the instrument.
  • Just to twist tripod parts, it can be fixed at your desiable position.


Precision Pin Pole (for Prism)

Precision Pin Pole

Stainless Steel-made STS Precision Pin Pole

Suitable for Total Station which requires high accuracy.

■Pin Pole for 9mmΦ Total Station Mini Prism
■Detachable stainless-made tip is very strong against rust.
■Thanks to the pipe case, it is easy to carry.
■Suitable for measurement of Total Station due to strength of its joint part.

Case of PS-180 has partitions inside. It protects Pin Poles from being flawed.

Stainless-made tip PT−5
With a ring to prevent Prism from falling down

Products name PS-60 PS-180 PS-100 PS-150 PS-30 PT-5
Specification 60cm
with 5cm Tip and Pipe Case
with 5cm Tip and Pipe Case
with 5cm Tip and Pipe Case
with 5cm Tip and Pipe Case
with 5cm Tip and Original Soft Case
Stainless steel-made 5cm Tip
Pin Pole with graduation "Memo Chan"

■Thanks to the graduation, easy to see Prism height.
■Extremely light weight of 110g.
■Due to special shape aluminum material, it gives high accuracy and durability.

※Prism is not included.

"Memo Chan"AGP-100
Specification Φ9mm、(with case)
More effective with MINI-2000 and ST-5

Prism Pole

Prism Pole

■Light weight and high accuracy in all aluminum steel made
■Available to fix with one touch! 2m 2sections flexible type
■4 types with Level and without Level are available. All types have Original cases.

Products name SP-2 DP-2 SO-2 MY-2
Specification Without Level With Level
Minimum length 1,180mm