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Electronic Theodolite

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Electronic Theodolite SDT10WS

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  • Protection Cover of Instrument
  • Tool Kit
  • Plumb Bob
  • Lens Cap
  • Hard Case

■Diagonal Eye Piece [DE-70]

Angle measurement accuracy of 5 ″ and both sides indication of LCD. Simple operation and high performance.

■Magnification 30X
■Minimum reading angle
Minimum reading unit of angle is changeable to 1″or 5″.
■Digital wide LCD
2 lines and 8 digits with built-in illumination device. While LCD is illuminated, the cross line in the telescope is also lighted so that it is helpful to work in the dark condition.
■Various cross-line angle display are available
Available within 0°against ceiling, Horizon 0° & Horizon 0° ±90°. And also % slope display is available.
■Easy to switch to left or right rotation in horizon
Only to touch on R/L keys.
■Automatic power-off function
If the power has been on for a certain time, it will be off automatically and save the battery life. In addition to this function, you can choose the time to be off automatically at 20 min. or 30 min.
■Both Shifting and Detachable type tribrach available
Easy to set up.

*This kind of color is also available.

Electronic Theodolite, SDT-10WS in Blue green Color.

PDF Catalogue

Telescope Length 156mm
Objective aperture 45mm
Magnification 30X
Image Erect
Resolving power 3.5″
Filed of view 1°30′ (26m/1000m)
Minimum focusing distance 1.3m
Cross-line illuminating device Available
Stadia ratio 100
Stadia constant 0
Angle measurement Measuring Method Absolute encoder system
Minimum reading 1″/ 5″ (selectable)
Accuracy 5″ (Equivalent to JIS B7909 1998 )
Angle measurement mode Horizontal Right/Left (selectable)
Cross-line 0° against ceiling / horizontal 0° / horizontal ±90° (selectable)
Power supply Power supply AA size alkaline dry cell battery x 4 pcs.
Battery life Approx. 12 hours of continuous use (Using alkaline battery)
Others Display 2 LCDs (for front & rear)
2 lines/8 digits
with illuminating device
Automatic power-off function Alternative of with or without this function. (With this function, there are two choices: power-off after 20 minutes or 30 minutes after the last operation.)
Sensitivity of Spirit Level Stick type 60″/2mm
Round type 10′/2mm
Telescope Image   Erect
Magnification   4X
Min. focusing distance   0.5m
Tribrach Both Shifting and Detachable type available
Water and dust proof Equivalent to IP54
Operational temperature range -20℃ ∼ +50℃
Height 232mm
Size/weight 195mmx145mmx350mm / 4.6kg