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Surveying Nail

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Surveying Nail

STS Surveying Nail

Durable and high quality. Suitable to use at various locations such as concrete road, asphalt pavement and gravel road.

Model No. No.01S No.01 No.1 No.2
Size(dxDxLxH) 2x6x26.5x1.5
Stainless steel
3.5x6x27x2 4.5x9x42x3 7.5x15x55x5
Q'ty/pack 1000 pcs.
×10 boxes
1000 pcs.
×10 boxes
500 pcs.
×10 boxes
100 pcs.
×10 boxes

Model No. No.3 No.4 No.5 No.7
Size(dxDxLxH) 7.5x15x80x5 9.5x20x105x5 9.5x20x130x5 9.5x20x205x5
Q'ty/pack 100 pcs.
×10 boxes
50 pcs.
×10 boxes
50 pcs.
×10 boxes
50 pcs.×6 boxes

STS Survey Marker

Due to its colorful design, high visibility is achieved.

Model No. WD-457(Red) WD-457(Yellow) WD-457(Blue) WD-457(White) WD-457(Green)
Size(dxDxH) 10x46x6
Q'ty/pack 20 sheets/pack

Model No. WD-011(Red) WD-011(Yellow) WD-011(Blue) WD-011(White) WD-011(Green)
Size(dxDxH) 5x26x4
Q'ty/pack 100 sheets/pack

STS Reference Point Nail Marker (Brass-made)

Easy to embed or stick.


Model No. SB-30 SB-50 SB-63 SB-75 SB-80
30×66×7mm 50×64×9mm 63×65×10mm 75×84×12mm 80×84×12mm
Q'ty/pack 20 sheets 10 sheets 5 sheets 5 sheets 5 sheets