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Double Elevation Machine Controller

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Hydraulic Machine Control Unit
Hydraulic Machine Control System PHS-360W

Only to set the receiver on the mast and to connect by the cables, it enables to control the blade automatically. Two laser receivers can be used as an option.

♦Double elevation control
♦Two-way controls in manual or automatic.
♦Double elevation display with hyper-brightness LED
♦Proportion time value control
♦Vibration-proof, shock-proof and rainwater-proof

Horizontal LED Green
High/low LED Red
Input voltage DC12V
Valve compatibility Dual proportion time(PT)valve control
Maximum current 5A per driver
Power External DC12V
Size 200x148x98mm(without a fitting handle)
Weight About 2.1kg

Detecting range 300m*
Receiving angel 360° receive at all directions
Detecting window 200mm
Detecting accuracy Fine measuring  ±2.5mm
Coarse measuring ±5mm
Waterproof Yes. IP65
Temperature range -10℃∼50℃
Power External +12V
Size 158x108x264mm
Weight about 2kg

*Depending on its using environment and transmitter.