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Machine Control System

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Machine Control and Remote Display unit
Machine Control System PHS-360W

Only to set the receiver on the mast and to connect by the cables, it enables to control the blade automatically.

♦Increase profitability by cutting labor hours
♦Improve job productivity
♦More accurate
♦Cut labor cost
♦Improve safety

Horizontal LED Green
High/low LED Red
Input voltage 12VDC
Valve compatibility Proportion time(PT)valve controlling
Temperature range -10℃∼50℃
Power External 12V
Size 200x64x269mm
Weight About 2.8kg

Detecting range 250m
Receiving angel 360° receive at all directions
Detecting window 200mm
Detecting accuracy Fine measuring  ±2mm
Coarse measuring ±5mm
Temperature range -10℃∼50℃
Power External +12V
Size 158x108x264mm
Weight About 2kg