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Plumb Point Laser OLP-2


Standard accessories
  • Laser target x 2 pc
  • Fixing belt
  • Original case

Down plumb beam point can be copied to the ceiling momentarily.

The laser is emitted to the center of the target included.It is very convenient for management of iron frame in vertical, etc.

■Automatic compensation range is very wide at ±4.5°
Even not at completely flat place, the instrument can automatically compensate and be able to emit laser to up and down plumb beam points. If the slope of the instrument is out of compensation range of ±4.5°, it will inform you by both buzzer sound and laser blinking.
■Powerful magnet makes it possible to fix this instrument on steel surface.
Slide table can move right and left freely. Powerful magnet is very efficient in working on assembling Iron Frame.


Using 2 laser targets, it is available to fix iron frame vertically.

For vertical management of light gauge steel.

For installing lightings on the ceiling.

For installation of duct.

Easy to mark down plumb point by shifting the instrument from front to back.

Light source 635nm Red Color semi-conductor laser
Output Under 1mW Class 2 (JIS C6802:2005)
Accuracy ±3mm/15m
Laser beam diameter about Ф3mm at 5m distance (Indoor lightness: 200~300LX)
Automatic compensation range ±4.5°
Automatic compensation mechanism Ring gimbals system (2 axes)
Slope warning ○ Laser beam blinks and buzzer sound
Braking system Magnetic braking system
Battery life warning ○  Main lamp blinks
Tripod connecting screw ○ (5/8 inch)
Operational temperature range -10℃∼ +45℃
Power supply AA dry cell battery x 3 pcs
Continuous operating hours about 38h (Using alkaline battery)
*Included batteries are only for test operation.
Size/Weight 152×100×88mm/0.83kg