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Line Laser

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Line Laser STS LX-Series

With hyper laser beam, double brightness comparing ordinal our laser.
(STS comparision)
It was improved to be seen in the light place where it was difficult to see.

■Water and Dustproof : Equivalent to IP54
Conforming to IP54, this instrument can bear working in harsh environment. Even indoor operation, dustproof is necessary.
■Available with Detector
Original detector, SS-50Z, enables to detect laser beam in the light place where it is difficult to see by maximum about 50m.
→Original Detector(Option) SS-50Z(with clamp)
■Easy-to-see, Shiny Spirit Level
Newly adopted Shiny Spirit Level improved its visibility in the dark operation site.
In adition, it enables to confirm ON/OFF of power easily so that you do not forget to turn off the instrument.
■Available to fix it on Land Surveying Tripod
In addition to fixing on Elevator Tripod for Line Laser, it is also available to fix on Land Surveying Tripod(5/8 inch) using the attachment.

STS−LX8 Horizontal・ Vertical・ Cross Lines・ Dowm plump bob point

Standard accessories
  • Land Surveying Tripod Attachment
  • Original case
STS−LX9 Horizontal・Vertical・Down plump bob point

Standard accessories
  • Land Surveying Tripod attachment
  • Original case
■Original Detector《SS-50Z(with clamp)》
■Elavator Tripod for Line Laser《EL-CM》
■Quick Recharger《QCS-55》
■Rechargeable AA dry cell battery《AA2300(1pc)》
※For STS-LX series, 3 pcs are necessary.

Original Detector SS-50Z with clamp(Option)

Standard accessories
  • Rod clamp

Pocket Size Slim Detector

Especially for Z series and LX series

■Maximum detecting distance is about 50m
■Water and dustproof :equivalent to IP56
■Detector: Unprecedented thickness of 19mm
■3 colors hyper-brightness LED
LED indication of detecting point can be confirm at 3 directions(Front, side and back)
Elevator Tripod for Line Laser EL-CM(Option)

Standard accessories
  • Carry bag

Mini Elevator Tripod for Line Laser

Perfect for Z series and LX series

■Maximum Lenght 1,230mm
■Minimum lenght  470mm
■Fixing screw diameter 5/8 inch
■Weight 970g
Power source 635nm Red color semiconductor laser
Output under 2.5mW class1M (JIS C6802:2005)
Pulse width/Frequency 50μs/10kHz±10%
Line width 1.5mm/5m
Accuracy Horizontal・Vertical±1mm/10m 
Cross lines±1mm/5m(only for STS-LX8)
Automatic compensation range ±3°
Slope warning ○ All the laser beam blinks when out of compensation range
Braking syste Magnetic braking system
Rotating mechanism 360°
Lotation slight movement gadget ○ Available range about 3°(about 260mm at 5m)
Battery life warning ○ Main pilot lamp and spirit level lamp blink
Power AA Alkaline dry cell battery(LR6)×3 pc
Continuous operating hours Normal mode 
1 line(Horizontal)projection about 54 hours
1 line(Vertical・Down plump bob point)projection about 34 hours
All lines projection about 21 hours
Hyper-brightness mode
1 line(Horizontal)projection about 46 hours
1 line(Vertical・Down plump bob point)projection about 26 hours
All lines projection about 16 hours
Operational temperature range -10℃〜45℃
Water and dustproof ○ Equivalent to IP54
Detector available Detector: use optional SS-50Z 
Outdoor maximum laser distance About 50m (When using with optional SS-50Z. But it depends on using environment.)
Size/Weight Φ80×H188mm/0.9kg
Indication Hyper-brightness LED(3 colors) Triple display(Front, Side and Back) and buzzer sound
Detecting distance About 1.5m∼ Maximum about 50m(It depends on using environment.)
Detecting accuracy Within 15m:±0.5mm
Less than 35m:±1.0mm
Over 35m:±1.5mm
Power AAA dry cell battery×3 pc
Continuous operational hour About 50 hours(When alkaline dry cell battery)
Operational temperature range -20℃∼ +50℃  (without dew)
Water and dustproof ○ Equivalent to IP56
Battery life warning ○ Power pilot lamp blinks
Automatic power off ○ About 6 mins after the last operation or detection
Size/Weight 150×52×19mm/145g