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Rotating Laser Level

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Rotating Laser Level STS-H600

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  • Tripod
  • Detector
  • Clamp for Detector
  • Remote Controller
  • Hard Case

For the horizontal, only place the instrument(±5°)! It is not necessary to use Spirit Level or Adjusting Screw. This Horizontal Rotating Laser Level has very usuful functions.

■High Accuracy ±0.38mm/10m
Realized ±8″ (±0.38mm/10m) instrument accuracy. It makes more precise measurement available.
■Detector and Remote Controller (Included accessories)
With included remote controller, it is possible to operate from remote place.
■Complete Automatic Leveling
For the horizontal, only place the instrument(±5°). It is not necessary to use Spirit Level or Adjusting Screw.
■Water and Dustproof & Vibration Resistance
This instrument conforms to IP56 for Water and Dustproof. It is protected from rain or dust. Due to Vibration Resistance, this instrument can bear being used in hard working condition.
■About 600m in diameter
Using included detector, the available range will be about 600m in diameter.
■Anti-Vibration Mode
This Anti-Vibration function makes the instrument keep leveling continuously without stopping rotation every time it feels slight vibration.

■AC Adaptor [SAC-60]
Note: It does not work only with AC Adaptor. Rechargeable battery(BTH600) is necessary even when operating with AC100V.
■Rechargeable Battery [BTH600]
Note: for using this rechargeable battery, AC Adaptor (SAC-60) is necessary.
■Sliding Stand for Detector [DST-150]

Laser source 635nm Red Color semi-conductor laser
Output Under 1.5mW Class 3R (JIS C6802:2005)
Accuracy ±8"±0.38mm/10m
Automatic leveling range ±5°
Measurement range About 600m in diameter (Condition: when using detector of SS-H600)
Rotating speed 1000 ±100RPM
Power supply Alkaline AA dry cell battery x 6 pcs.
BTH600 Rechargeable battery(Option) *Recharging hours about 4∼5h
AC100V (need AC Adaptor of option)
Continuous operating hours About 17h (Alkaline battery)
About 17h (Rechargeable battery)
Battery life warning Power pilot lamp blink
Operational temperature range -10℃∼ +45℃
Out of compensation warning Rotation stop, Buzzer sound & Laser beam blink
Safety mode Safety mode lamp blinks, Rotation stops, Laser beam blinks
Simple slope setting X & Y 2 axes
Size/weight 140x140x187mm /1.95kgs.
Water and dustproof conform to IP56
Detector SS-H600
Indication LCD indication (LCD 2 sides) Buzzer sound (Volume :big/small/no sound)
Detecting distance Max. about 300m in radius (Max. about 600m in diameter )
Detecting accuracy High ±0.5mm
Middle ±1.0mm
Low ±2.0mm
Power supply S-006P (6F22) Layered dry cell battery (9V) x 1 pc.
Continuous operating hours About 36h
Operational temperature range -10℃∼ +45℃
Battery life warning ο
Spirit Level at two places
Illuminating device ο
Water and dustproof Conform to IP56
Automatic power off About 6 min. after last operation or detection
Size/weight 159x82x28mm / 0.25kgs.
Remote controller RC-H600
Operational range Max. about 50m (Depending on using environment)
Power supply Layered Dry Cell Battery 9V S-006P(6F22) type
Size/weight 190x60x26mm /0.15kgs.